jueves, 15 de marzo de 2012


A note I took in Barcelona:

If you take a box and put something valuable in it, a diamond of 40 K. the box will remain the same but, Will you treat it like any other empty box? The exception is that you must have that info, know that diamond of 40 K. and maybe you will treat it like any other box because you only see the outside, you say there is nothing special, there are many like this.
But if you have the info and know that inside there is the most valuable diamond in the world, then it becomes a special case and you treat it as such, with respect and care.
But the trick is that must have that information, know the contents of the box. There are over 6 billion boxes. I'm here to tell you about the contents of this box. It could be that this content make this box beautiful. It is the divine, the beauty that was, is and will, the power that sustains this creation, that from dust made, incredible things and then converted them back to dust.
To call it powerful would be to underestimate that power, because that power is such, that no human mind can begin to comprehend. How do you know of this content? You must be aware to know, being unconscious is not knowing, if you agree that this is a box and inside there is the divine.

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