martes, 5 de abril de 2011

Barcelona - Good Luck!!!

He started off saying he wanted to sing the praises of this Knowledge and spoke about the way we do reverse engineering with our lives - words/concepts first, then try to convert this into a feeling rather than the other way around, also talked about the difference between believing and knowing. How in the early days he used to say how wild everyone was, and he would wonder if he should give them Knowledge, would they ever practise it... And yet here we are, still with the Master. He was asked how come we found the Master and had him in our lives (and that we should want to be with him again in the next life, if there was such a thing) - and he said it was down to luck - we are just incredibly lucky!! How the Keys had simplified and increased propagation against all predictions to the contrary... He said the maha-honcho premies were trying to book the venue for the London event (that something different will happen) but wondered why the anniversary has to be on 17th June... another day would do just fine! He was asked if he ever got tired and said he´d been tired since 6th grade - how he had to do events in his school holidays, and get his school test results on the road to events - talked to us about darshan what it meant and that he could not sit for long for risk of clots (DVT - deep vein thrombosis), so has to take breaks every hour - how in India each event were competing with the other for the fastest darshan rate - each person going thru darshan in 1.3 seconds - And Yes we had darshan in Barcelona! Again!! And I believe blew all the records @ 1.2 seconds per person!!! Then the event ended. When it was obvious darshan was over, the premies who stayed in the hall started spontaneously clapping and saying thank you Maharaji - and then he came out on stage (drawn by the love) and waved to everyone, beaming for quite a while before leaving. When I got back home found a card on FB from my son wishing me a happy Mothers Day (Mothering Sunday in UK) - I replied it was the best day in ways I couldn´t begin to describe!! Felt really buoyant and happy thru darshan, bouncing along with the music and laughing and dancing my way out again - high as a kite, tears of joy :-D. Afterwards it seemed everyone felt so open and loving towards each other - was lovely talking with old friends... Always the best place in the world, is to be with the one we love, in his care and shelter.

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